The heart of the modern printing press is it`s roller train. This is why it is crucial to use rubber compounds specifically formulated for the printing industry and their specific application. This ensures the optimum performance of your press and the widest possible ink/water balance window. At Brissett Rollers we use the finest rubber compounds from Westland, [Germany] and Katsura, [Japan].

At Brissett Rollers we are combining the best rubber compound technology from around the world with over 50 years of local roller manufacturing experience. 

Brissett also can recover folder rollers, laminating rollers, coating rollers and many industrial roller applications.

Brissett offers a roller exchange program for many popular types of printing presses including Heidelberg, Roland,  Komori, Shinohara, Ryobi, etc. 

Brissett also stocks a range of Syntac rollers from the U.S.A. 

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